Tuscany IGT

Region Tuscany

Alcol 14.% vol

Uve 100% Syrah

Winemaking and refining

The syrah grows in a small vineyard in Fauglia, in the sweet pisan hills. Manually harvested in boxes, vinified in small stainless steel tuns. Alcoholic fermentation is controlled, low temperatures first to enhance perfumes and rising up to 28 c° to extract tannines and color. At the end of the fermentation the wine is transferred in 225 litres French barriques. Organic principles and careful selection of grapes together with the small quantities of grapes produced create a very interesting wine, rich in perfumes, smoothness and persistance. Ginevra is best served between 18-20 C°. No oenological practice is applied and it is not filtered nor clarified.

Wine description

Ginevra is an intense ruby-red wine. It exudes intense aromatic notes of red fruit and hints of tobacco and spices. Smooth and rich on the palate with imprints of ripe fruit and licorice. Sweet and long lingering.

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